Framlingham castle and Saxtead Mill

Another day out using our English Heritage membership. The funny thing is that Pixie, one of my lovely followers on this blog, has commented on yesterdays post and suggested to go an visit Framlingham Castle nearby Orford. This is exactly what we did today. I only just read the comment but thanks for the tip anyway. If you have any other day-out-ideas, please let me know for the future.
The castle was quiet impressive and well looked after, we had audio guides all the way through...hooray!!

Framlinham castle, pretty impressive huh? It didn't all fit in the picture, that says it all.

Hello audio guide, my friend!

I sported wellies today, just in case it rained. It did, a bit. I was happy. The skirt I am wearing is new. I made it last Thursday. I'll post about it soon. It's the same pattern I used for these skirts. I made the shorter version without intending to do so. It's just about long enough for me to wear. I prefer my pencil skirts more modest an longer. Anything from just above to just below the knee is fine.
Enjoying the view. I opted for a vintage hair do today. The weather was naff and not right for any of my cute vintage inspired dresses, so I had to go for vintage hair to at least get a bit of vintage in.
It was rather difficult to climb up there in this skirt.
We walked around the castle grounds for a while....

and bumbed into some friendly cows.
Next stop was Saxtead Mill, which was fun to see as they let you explore it on your own and you can climb all levels of the mill.

Hello Mr audio guide again, this time a rather vintage looking one (if you consider the 80s vintage now)
very flattering !?!
Thanks for your time.

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  1. yay! I'm glad you went. I just love it there. The localtion is ideal. Now, to think back to toher cool places...try Hever Castle. It is in Kent. If you are ever up this way, near Grantham is Belvior Castle. Really pretty gardens and lovely little village really close by. Then there is Tattershall Castle (we got married there) that is only about 20 miles or so from Boston.