Weekend away

We got back from our weekend with my in-laws and had a brilliant time. It was just so nice to see everyone again and finally get to celebrate grandma's birthday.
(my sister in law, grandma in law and me... finally got to wear my lime green dress again)
My mother in law took me to one of her favourite shops at Wymondham where she usually gets all her jewelery and presents from. It's a cute little independent clothing and accessories shop specialised on quality second hand clothing and accessories as well as one of a kind pieces of jewelery, bags, home decor etc etc etc. Some of it is vintage. If you ever in the area, it's worth a look. The tearoom is lovely too.
So anyway, I did of course leave some money there.

(all the B boxes ticked on this shopping spree: bags, bracelet, books, belts and buttons...)
We of course had to explore the windmill. The view was amazing. I kind off had a me made weekend and got to wear the little floral print dress again.

My mother in law also spoiled me with a load of buttons, zips and beads she found in an end of line sale near where she lives and she passed on a lot of vintage buttons, ribbons and a box of old hankies from her mum, which I now need to find a way to use in my sewing to give it another lease of live.
I started my next sewing project today. A turquoise dress in the same design of the pink print dress from my last post. Hopefully I'll have it finished later on this week.

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