Fruity shirt waist dress

I hope you are not bored of my shirt waist dresses yet. I am just so in love with this pattern and have to keep making them. This pattern just works so well for small prints. I bought this strawberry print cotton a few weeks ago and got to sew it this week. I think it turned out very cute and is perfect for an afternoon walk in the country followed by a picnic. Hmmmm, this got me thinking now. Must suggest that to the husband tonight as a plan for Sunday....
Anyway, back to the dress... I made fabric covered buttons for the shirt closure. I have recently fallen in love with fabric covered buttons as they just add such a vintage touch to a garment. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

The shoes are new. I bought them yesterday in Matalan for only £14, what a bargain. I know they are not a bit Vintage but I don't care. They are fab. I am not sure about them combined with this particular dress though. What do you think? A bit too orange? I guess I just have to make a dress to go with them. Hello fabric shopping!!! My next project however will be a red gingham something (I haven't decided on the pattern yet) and a VERY green pencil skirt.


  1. I like very very much the dress, but, really I loved your red shoes!!!!!!!

  2. Great dress, it's lovely with this beautiful print. To be honest, I'd combine it with some subtler shoes, and combine these shoes with a more simple outfit, but that's me. Your plans sound very exciting, I can't wait to see the very green pencil skirt!

  3. Thanks you two. I decided against the shoes in combination with this dress. They are just not a style to go with vintage inspired clothing. But I wanted to share them anyway. Need to make something to go with them now. Any suggestions?