Hello Dorothy

I finished another dress last week but didn't get to take pictures of it straight away. I bought this cute turquoise gingham when I went fabric shopping with Helen for her dress (there is still another gingham in red and a cute strawberry print fabric to be transformed into something wearable from that shopping trip) I had a few vintage novelty buttons that I thought would look good with it. This is not as spectacular as Helen's dress but it makes a cute little summer dress. I just wish it would stop being so bloody freezing here. I am still wearing my winter coat. It's the lighter one (I have a very warm one and a fashion, hence not quiet so warm one) but still one of my winter coats and we are almost half way through May!!!???!!!
Anyway, enough complained and on to the pictures.

My favourite bit is the pleats an the front and back. I wish they'd photograph better.


  1. So cute, makes me want to make something out of checked gingham. And I completely agree about the weather, somethinh weird going on in Europe with it being like winter in May. Hmph, hope it gets warm soon.

  2. Yeah what ever happened to global warming? It somehow turned into global freezing.