A day out at Orford Castle

A few weeks ago Dave and I went to Audley End for the day as a birthday treat for me. I posted about it here. That day we joined 'English Herritage' which gets us into lots of historical places for less or even for free (my favourite price). We like spending our free time visiting old castles and manor houses, museums and anything else historical and geeky so this was a good investment for us. Anyway, after a few weeks of bad weather, Dave being away on training and me busy preparing for the next Vintage Fair in Brentwood coming Sunday (see side bar/links for details), we decided to go and use our English Heriatge membership cards and visit Orford Castle. It didn't disappoint at all being in very good condition still. I would have loved a bit more of the ye olde interior which isn't displayed at all :-( but I enjoyed it anyway. The best bit were the Audio guides. Ever since out honeymoon last year to Salzburg I am in love with them. I get very tired from reading everything in museums etc so audio guides are the way to go. I get all the information minus the sleepiness.

We had a little picnic outside the castle after out tour and then went for a stroll through the village to the coast.

The weather forecast predicted rain, hence the practical clothing instead of Vintage inspired fashion. Mr weather man lied. It was a beautiful day. A bit windy but sunny still.
Enjoy the pictures.
I am almost finished with my next dress. It's red ginham with ivory vintage lace deatil. I might finish it tonight. We'll see.


  1. ah, Orford. Really brings back memories for me as I used to live not far from there back in the 1980's. I love that are of the country and Orford and that part of the coast are especially pretty. You should go to Framlingham the next time you are in that area..it's not too far away and is set in a really pretty little village and has lots of really cool history!

  2. Thanks a lot for the tip Pixie, that's where we went today...see the next post. We went to see the castle, town and Saxtead Mill nearby.