Update on Helen's dress

I haven't been as busy sewing today as I was yesterday but I still managed to work a bit on my current project. I drafted the halter and made it up in the reverse polka dot fabric (we decided on a contrasting colour to the main dress). It's already attached. Helen wanted the detail to follow all the way around the back as well. I now need to get a zip tomorrow and that's the dress finished. Apart from the hem of course but I need to get her back here for a fitting for that.
I also made up the petticoat, well I made a basic white slip with an elasticated waist so far. I will have to sew the netting to that and that's the petticoat finished too. I am dreading the tulle/net bit of the sewing a bit. Don't like the fiddly bits.
I have pinned the netting under the dress for this picture. I wanted to see how poofy it is. I think it's just the right amount of poof.

There's the proof of the poof
side view


  1. This is pretty!!! May I ask what pattern (if you used one) this is from.

  2. Hi, I didn't really use a pattern. I used about 3 pieces for the bodice from the pattern I used for the "birthday dress" a few posts back. It's New Look 6675. I changed the side zip for a back zip as well. I then drafted my own pattern for the halter and the circle skirt. I am making the petticoat up as I go along as well. Basic A-line skirt with elasticated waist and then I add all the gathered tulle/net to that.
    We'll se how that goes....

  3. The halter straps really pulled this together. Looks great. I agree with you on the poof. I like to think of myself as some sort of poof aficionado (i have more crinoline than any girl has a right to) and I think that any more would be too much.

  4. Yeah I still want her to be able to hold hands with her husband ;-)

  5. What an adorable dress! I love the contrasting spots. :)