Sweethearts, circle skirts and florals aka another summer dress

And for those who are not bored of floral dresses yet, here is another one. I'm messing around with the pattern of my "Liverpool dress" at the moment and see what variations I can come up with. If I draft or frankenstein a successful pattern that I like very much, I try and make the most of it. I really like sweetheart necklines so I had to make another dress with that feature. I also like straps or sleeves as they keep the dress up nicely. As much as I like this style, I feel like I want to pull it up all the time. I mainly get this with strapless dresses, whether they fit or not.

bodice detail

And this is how I was wearing the dress today. I paired it with a little cropped cardi.

I also like it with this black cropped cardi.

Now I need to think of another way to use this bodice. Maybe cap sleeves? Or a pencil skirt?
What do you think, any other suggestions?


  1. One can never have too many floral dresses :) I really love the sweetheart neckline and full circle skirt.

    I think the bodice is very suitable for both cap sleeves and a pencil skirt!

    1. Thank you, I have already used the bodice in combination with a pencil skirt. Pictures coming soon.

  2. das kleid ist ein traum liebe bea!!!

  3. How pretty!
    Beautiful location!
    Where is it!

    1. It's just around the corner from me. The place is actually a holiday park where people come camping etc. The little park and lake are right next to it. I wish I had discovered this location sooner. It's the perfect backdrop for taking outfit pictures. It's called California Park in Finchampstead, Berkshire.